Heartstring Tuggers

I work on weekends volunteering at an audubon society.  There is nothing like the joy that comes with dealing with these primal creatures.  Many times, it’s just feeding and clean up.  Other times you can (very very carefully) give physical therapy to a hurt wing (such as the Barred Owl below).  It’s such a pleasure to watch them eat after putting their food down….whether its a mouse (already dead when I serve it…I couldn’t possibly be the one to kill anything) or a bowl of fruit for a cedar waxwing or mealworms for the barn swallows.  The vultures have personalities that most people would probably be surprised by.  They are charming and curious.  Not huggable though.  They do have quite a nasty defense – vomit.  Thankfully I have not been exposed to that.  I try to move carefully around our vultures because OCD.  No way would I be the same person if I had a vulture vomit on me. Below are the faces of some of those that I love.  Barred bw

This turkey vulture is a newer patient.  His right wing has been partially amputated.  He won’t be re-released into the wild but is being well cared for. turkey vulture raising wings

So handsome.TV great eye color

This black vulture captured everyone’s heart.  He would hang out with us while we tended to other things.  No, we can’t pick him up and squeeze him like a teddy bear but we could chill out with him.

Devonte in bigger digs

The turkey vulture showing off his impressive wingspan.

tv wingspread

Great Horned Owl.  Aka – We will be friends Never. Drop the food, avert your eyes and leave.  GHO new digs


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