Scenes From the Bronx Botanical Gardens

baby bird with old man hair better
Old Man Hair

bell flowers effectbell shape purple flowers

Black squirrel
I never see black squirrels at home.

Botanical garden lovely treeBotanical Gardens fountainbrick mini towers and treeCeramic bird of botanical gardenscottage lampost black edges

feed me

fire flower vibrantfountain and foliageFountain botanical

hawk look at that butt cover
I like Big Butts and I cannot Lie

house and tree viewindigo flowerinside of roselittle purple flowers and tree mini

older man enjoying botanical
Watching the Bronx River

orange fire flower black edges nice

parasol in the rose gardens
I’m SO getting a parasol.
pink flower looks like spider
This flower sort of gives me the willies. I feel like it’s going to touch me.

Pink lilliespink rose dark edgespurple star flowers

sparrow and baby
Hovering Hungry Baby Sparrow

stairs in the treesStar shaped purple flower

Starling and baby
Baby and Parent Starling

tree branch minitrees and city

up and away
What Will you Bring Me?

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