Things I Loved In June

Cedar with red tip sig
Like a painter splattered little drops here and there. Tail tip yellow, wing, red. Cedar waxwing.
red squirrel 4 sig
Angry little red squirrel. I rarely see red squirrels.
trees at work sig
I adore trees.
5 owls
The owls. They are always judging you. Always.
beach tree 2
Day at Hammonasset Beach in CT
hawk close up black edges
A juvenille red tail hawk
hawk running
Another red tail hawk being readied for release.
hobbit white edges
This reminds me of Middle Earth.
little tiniest bird
Just a wee.
moon and clouds white frame
June moon. Hey that rhymes.
pink moon
Pink June Moon
yellow beaked birds
Such itty bitties!!!
appalachian storm 2
Appalachian Trail Boardwalk
entrance appalachian
the beginning of that boardwalk.
Beautiful Red Winged Blackbird hanging out in the swamplands.

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