A Day in Kingston, NY

A Debbie Harry doll!


This is Carl and his bookstore, Half Moon Books.  He loves the old fashioned way of communicating….in person, face to face.  Take a trip  in to see him.  We enjoyed our time with him.

 The oldest parts of this house are from 1661!!!!  You know we had to step in for a minute.

Because Typewriter.

One of the many trips over bridges that week.  (I am not fond of bridges, but it does beat swimming).

Doorways of Kingston….

There are probably plenty of places that do this, but we DON’T do it in my town.  Simply open the door and have a book.  THAT’S ALL YOU HAVE TO DO!!!  WHAT?!?!?

Even the Dunkin Donuts is more artsy than your Dunkin Donuts.

We saw these in Outdated – a vegan friendly cafe.

Aboslutely HUGE dandelion puffs!

An old church downtown

  Revolutionary war soldiers 
  A peek into an art gallery where it was nothing but TREES!!!! Squeal!!!

I’m a size 8. THAT’S a huge dandelion.

 The home from 1661 


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