Corpse flower at the Botanical Gardens

I love the Botanical Gardens in the Bronx so much that I have a year long membership.  Put that together with the infamous Corpse flower – a flower that is said to smell like rotting meat and death – and there is no reason I shouldn’t be there.  NYBG had a Corpse Flower cam on Youtube that we watched religiously – for the Corpse flower blooms once every few years, sometimes longer, and is then done in a short amount of time, usually under 36 hours.  We timed it perfectly and all the universe helped conspired what seemed to be an impossible trip to make on the day that we went.  And as it turns out, we went on the perfect day.  The flower closed back up the next day.  Here are some views from the day.

Also – how did it smell?  Honestly?  Like strong black pepper.  But it definitely filled a room.

An old wise one.


The Infamous Corpse Flower in bloom.



A woman painting the flower as her son sat nearby.

Just because.  It’s the Botanical Gardens!



We never got her name but we spent a good couple of minutes together, hamming it up.  One thing to love about NYBG is that you are surely with a like minded group of people.  No matter whatever else you are into, you are all there for the love of flowers, trees and nature.


Don’t be fooled. This flower is YUUUUUGE.



Three goths and an older dude just enjoying the shade.


I truly love the idea of a parasol.  I keep meaning to get one. 


The line.  It was quite legendary.  And hot.



For the love of lanterns.  


What if I WAS playing Pokemon Go while waiting in line?  I haven’t seen this dude back at home.  He must love the gardens.



More views of the building that held the Corpse Flower.

More beauty.


Oh the line ahead of us. Seemed like it was going to take FOREVER but it actually went quickly.  



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