Saturday’s are for the birds

NOTE:  I know this is my photography site.  These were all taken with a cell phone camera and due to lighting, etc, most of these are not representative of what I would call my photography.  However, some of them are great and more importantly, the experience is what I hope you’ll take from this.  🙂

This is Forrest Jr.  He’s a rather Personality Huge Starling.  He is one of those birds that just LIKES to be social.  Oh and don’t try to just put him on your head.  He’ll go where and when he pleases, thank you. 


A juvenile crow.  I love love love this baby.  He really is the sweetest thing. 



I wanted to change the water bowl.  But there’s an owl there.  (I did change it but probably appeared incredibly foolish in my methodology, bowing before this Mightay MIGHTAY.



Well now Forrest…if you want freedom it comes with a price.  Bird diaper, bought off


A young Barred Owl.  They either always seem to be judging you or completely unimpressed with your presence.

I never go home without a piece of those four hours. Likely this is from a pigeon.  Laundry and showers are mandatory.


A young dove.  So curious and sweet. 

That same dove checking out my camera phone.  


Looks like a forced family photo.  These are Chimney Swifts.  Very social birds who migrate to South America.  It is illegal to mess with these guys’ nests and eggs during breeding season. They are unfortunately suffering a decline, possibly due to the continuing disuse of chimneys.  We ARE all allowed to talk to them while working with them which is awesome, as I am told that they do not imprint.  

Now just imagine a bunch of these guys when you walk into their enclosure.  They fly around like acrobats and will land anywhere on you.  your back, legs, face, hair….the front of your shirt.  They do not care.  It’s a real life Hitchcock situation.  In the wild, they eat while flying. 


THIS is what the Raven’s quarters look like within 24 hours.  I’ve seen him do this in under an hour.  

Hm.  Any ideas about who made this mess?



This is the momentary neatness provided by Moi. It starts with a sigh and then usually I cry a little, pray for a bit and make a psychotherapy appointment before getting it to this level.  

 Chimney Swifts do what they want.  


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