Oblong Meeting House, Pawling NY

History is all around us.  Imagine you could choose a year and see through your own eyes, the very land you are standing on, transformed to that year.

A few minutes from my own home stands the Oblong Meeting House, built in 1764.  It was originally built by Quakers.  Who incidentally, voted out slavery in 1776 with the last slave being freed in 1778.  “This was the first formal action by an organized group in the United States to  halt slavery, beginning 100 years before Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation.” – Town of Pawling, 200 years edition



I learned when it would be open and went to check it out.  It is located in a remote neighborhood.  The silence was a little unnerving but being a usually diligent photographer, I moved about the outside of the house with my camera.  It’s actually a really beautiful structure.  Simple, but just knowing how old it is….I was just in awe.


There was an open sign on the door – but no one “mans” the post.  I guess they just let people in, like a church.  You go when its open.  I opened the door.


This is where I had to stop.  Why on earth was I having a huge repellent feeling to not go inside?  I love history!  I love old places!  What is this?  I felt like I couldn’t possibly go more than a foot inside the doorway.  It just felt…..like No.


I did hear some sounds within the house (no people – no one else was there).  I took one set of photos from where I stood.  I hit the button once and it produces 5 different shots of the same thing with filters.  However, when I looked at them, two of them looked as though the camera had been moved.  It had not.  The other three photos were clear.




Still feeling weird about the incident, I looked it back up again on Google.  Turns out that during the Revolutionary War, George Washington had commandeered this building as a military hospital.  Is it possible that what I was feeling had anything to do with this?  Maybe.  Or maybe I’m just a chicken. 🙂





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