Major John Andre and a ghost hunt in Tappan, NY

We recently had the opportunity to go on one of those ghost hunt tours. The exciting part was that it was a place I had already been to and is affiliated with one of my favorite historical people, Major John Andre. You may recall John Andre was captured in conjunction with plans gone awry with Benedict Arnold. Benedict Arnold got away while Andre was held prisoner at the Old 76 House in Tappan, New York .

I realize that Andre was on the British side but his story is intriguing and he was a very charming and well liked man. There is even a quote on the monument where he was hung that depicts that even George Washington who made the decision to hang him as a spy, even liked him.

Below are some photos from this historical site that was built in the 1700s. 

Major John Andre


While Major Andre’s handsome portrait sits as normal on the mantle, Benedict Arnold’s portrait is always sitting upside down.


George Washington was at this very bar.  No really – THIS very bar.  The bar top is the original from the 1700s!


This room is where Major Andre’s imprisonment was.  The floors are original.


And of course, another portrait of Major Andre.  For an “enemy”, there sure are a lot of photos of him.


When offered to touch a 300 year old musket, the answer is YES.



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