First birds of 2018

To some people they are just birds. Some people believe in symbolism with what is presented to you. Many people like to see what the first bird of the year will be that they set their eyes on. That then becomes their totem bird for the year. Mine this year is the Tufted Titmouse.

Tiny bird has beautiful button like I. Can symbolize curiosity and being open to what is around you. It can also symbolize the influence of what appears to be small power and small ideas.

I spent a little time with this tiny ball of cuteness this morning. He either did not notice me inching closer or simply did not mind. The tufted titmouse is a bold little bird in that it will pluck the hairs from an animal or human in order to build its nest.

They are also a bird of joy. Something that is very easy to see.


Winter feathers

I’ve recently moved. The incentive being for love. The bonus is my very long private road where pictured here is one of my many new neighbors scouting out breakfast.

Six Plus Decades

I️ took my mom with me the other day to see the Audubon where I️ volunteer . On the way there I️ have been spotting bald eagles. My mother has never, in 73 years, seen a bald eagle in the wild. She watches the bird cams online where she can follow eaglets or hawks or even herons.

On our drive there, no eagles were visible. I️ was bummed but hoped they may be about on our way back. And just one was. My mom wanted me to post this eagle, despite any other eagle photos that I’ve posted because this is her special eagle.

In a separate occasion my center was rehabbing an eagle who had been poisoned. The eagle did make a full recovery and was released but in the meantime, my father came to visit while I️ was volunteering and was able to take a peek at the eagle. For the release, he and I️ met up together in a quiet weekday morning to witness this beautiful creature, soaring back to his lands.

I have been able to connect both of my parents to a personal experience with an eagle while they were in their 70s. I’m so grateful that I could.

It was a fantastic morning, as I️ have never seen not one, but THREE juvenile Bald Eagles! Two of them were not especially feeling the need for my company but one of them tolerated my tiny body near his tree. I️ did catch one of them mid-call, but it was a half hour before a good snow so the lighting was as tricky. Nonetheless, miracles can even happen in the dark.

Early morning sights

In my way to the Audubon this past weekend, a glimpse of large darkness in a roadside tree caught my eye. Not just one bald eagle, but four or five of them – most being juveniles. There is always time to pull over and be in the space with such majesty. 

I-phone Strikes Again

There are times that the iPhone release or passes and in better time what my regular camera can do.  If I had trained my camera on this little dragonflies face it would have whined and said “I caaaaaaan’t. I don’t feeeeeeel like focusing! His face is too tiny!” 

But this is where my iPhone says “let me surprise you.”