Raising Norman Rockwell from the Dead

My daughter, apron clad, making dinner for us hungries

Another Post about Why My Saturdays are Awesome

“Chirpy” Broadwinged Hawk
Eastern Screech Owls.  Pint sized humourless winged creatures of doom.
Porcupine. Hit by a car last year.  Doing great.
Fish Crow.  My Wuvvy.  He came to us an as orphan.  I hand fed this widdle boy as a baby.
Porcupine loves acorn squash seeds


I went for about two decades without seeing a bluebird. They remind me of a specific time and place from when I was a child. I see them much more often now but they never fail to strike awe with their gorgeous coloring ❤

Seek and Ye Shall Find

Now that the weather is getting milder, I decided to look for birds to photograph in my backyard. There is a steep embankment that leads to a swamp. Apparently other things live down here…. 

Spring time sights

A female wood frog answering the many hoots and hollers from the male community
Ben is my favorite agricultural escapee. He left someone’s farm years ago where he would have been between two buns. He was taken in by a wonderful woman with a huge heart.
A quiet vernal pool